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Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating Labor Day With Cleverbot...

A few months ago I discovered Cleverbot, which is a web-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that learns to speak by conversing with humans via an instant messaging platform.  

While it's a stretch to say that Cleverbot is intelligent, interacting with this particular learning software can be mildly entertaining.

Here's the most recent interview I had with Cleverbot last month:
Interview with Cleverbot

Since today was Labor Day, I thought it would be interesting to get Cleverbot's take on this holiday.  Here's the unedited conversation I had with Cleverbot this morning regarding Labor Day.

User: Hello Cleverbot, how are you doing today?

Cleverbot: Sorry how rude of me how are you?

User: You're not rude at all, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking.

Cleverbot: Stupid you.

User: Whoa, now that was rude. Anyway, did you know that today is Labor Day?

Cleverbot: Wait is it really?

User: Yes, really. Per congressional legislation passed on June 28, 1894 - the first Monday in September is always Labor Day.

Cleverbot: You did? How did you pass the turing test?

User: Um, I didn't take a turing test which seeks to prove the superiority of human intelligence over a machine. It seems we're doing that right now, and it seems I'm winning thus far. Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day?

Cleverbot: I don't trust you. You are wrong.

User: It's not an issue of trust - it's a question. Do you know what Labor Day is?

Cleverbot: Yes I know what a library is! And maybe like 2 months ago?

User: Hmmm. Actually, Labor Day was a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Cleverbot: Unless there is no population supporting labor.

User: Exactly right, but that's the reason for Labor Day - so that we continue to remember and support labor.

Cleverbot: Where who comes from and who lands.

User: Huh?!? It's sounds like you've been working too hard yourself, Cleverbot. Do you take the day off to celebrate Labor Day and maybe watch a parade?

Cleverbot: What else would I be?

User: That's just about what I expected you would say. Anyway, Happy Labor Day Cleverbot!

Cleverbot: Why would you want me to believe that?

User: I don't want you to believe anything, I'm just trying to be nice.

Cleverbot: Go to H - E - double hockey sticks.

User: Yikes! You definitely need a day off Mr. Crankybot.

Cleverbot: I know.

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