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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7 Questions With an Author: Karen H. Sherman, PhD.

This is my weekly series titled 7 Questions With an Author... where I pose seven questions to an author and then share their unedited answers here.

Today's author is Dr. Karen Sherman who is a licensed psychologist who focuses on relationships. In her own words here's part of her mission as a counselor:
I work with people in a number of ways - in private practice, teaching college courses, and now more "public" education through my books and other products. I truly believe that anyone has the power to change their life, regardless of what their past has been. And I am honored when I can help someone in that process!

Karen's latest addition to that process is her book Mindfulness and The Art of Choice - and here are 7 questions to help you learn more.

1.  Tell us about your book.
When you are a child, you learn to do whatever behavior will help you get the love you need from your parents and survive in the world. Most of these same patterns remain into adulthood even though they are no longer functional.  As a result, people live on “auto-pilot” and don’t get to live the life they deserve.  Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life is a book that teaches the reader the tools which will enable him or her to “re-wire” the behaviors that have been patterned in from childhood.

2.  What led you to write this book?
There was a point in my life where I hit rock bottom and wasn’t sure I could continue to face the pain.  However, I made the decision to heal old wounds and with the help of a gifted therapist learned some wonderful tools that were different than talk therapy.  As a psychologist in private practice, I decided to use these tools with my own clients.  When I saw how effective they were, I felt compelled to let others know about them.

3.  Who is a writer that inspires you and why?
My favorite writer is Deepak Chopra.  I am very moved by his thoughts, inspirations, and the way he presents them. 

4.  What is the biggest challenge you faced writing this book?
The writing was not all that challenging for me.  However, the marketing of it is! 

5.  What advice would you give an aspiring writer?
If you are passionate about your message, do all that you can to get it out … but know that it will be challenging. 

6.  Where do you get your ideas?
Any time I write, I try to get into a very quiet space and then I am very fortunate that the ideas seem to come to me.  I try to make my messages be relevant and authentic from what I know about life. 

7.  Anything that you’d like the readers to know that I haven’t asked?
Yes!  Thanks for asking.  I want everyone to know that they can have a life of joy and satisfaction rather than being held down by their past. At any given moment, each of us has the truth within us to move from an emotionally frozen life to a chosen life … trust your empowered you!

Karen, a NY Psychologist, focuses on relationships & helping people reach their potential. She’s authored two books, writes for internet sites, conducts workshops & is a frequent radio/TV guest whose expertise is often cited. She also teaches. Learn more

Question: What's keeping you in a frozen life rather than a chosen life?

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