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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Post: Confessions of a Funeral Director

Funeral Director, Seminary Graduate
and Blogger: Caleb Wilde
Life is loss. We will all experience inescapable loss in various ways during our lifetime. A friend of mine, Caleb Wilde, (see photo insert) knows that all too well since he deals with it every day.

Caleb is a funeral director who happens to write about his day-to-day dealings with death and beyond. His blog is titled Confessions of a Funeral Director.

Don't let the seemingly morose title of his blog fool you, Caleb writes on a variety of topics that focus on life through a veil that we'll all walk one day. One of my favorite posts of his was where he offered a compelling comparison of Jesus with Lady Gaga.

Today, Caleb graciously features the eulogy I shared at my father's funeral a few years ago. Here's an excerpt of my guest post on his blog:

It feels surreal and unnatural to lose both parents within such a brief span of time – little more than two years. 

I went to church and sat next to my father this past Sunday and did not expect a phone call the next day saying he was gone. 

I did not expect that my parents would not live to see any of their 12 grandchildren get married. I did not expect that they would not live to see their great-grand babies. And I certainly did not expect that they would not live to see the age of 65. 

Up until this past Monday when he passed, I did not expect anything less than another 15 or 25 good years to share with him. 

But the thing I expected least of all was the deep peace of mind and spirit that I have knowing that he’s reunited with my mother. 

Ever since she passed away in 2004, he had not been happy. My sisters, brother and I tried to spend a lot more time with him. Our respective families took him out to meals, coffees, worked around his house, took him on walks and drives around the lake to improve his spirits – to little avail. 

At one point, I was so frustrated with his listlessness that I selfishly and angrily confronted him to “snap out of it” and get on with his life. Questioning him whether or not his surviving family members and extended family were enough.....

If you're interested in reading more of this, please visit Caleb's blog by clicking HERE.

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