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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Calling All Blog Writers: Share Your Best Stuff!!!

I'm currently a member of two blog writing communities. One is the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the other is via Bryan Allain's BlogRocket Community. Being part of these groups, I'm continually finding great blogs and writers to follow.

The intent of this post is to offer a sampling of that fantastical awesomeness with my regular readers. So with that, I'd like to invite any blogger to share their greatness by following these few guidelines:

1. Within the comment section below, please give a 2-3 sentence description of your blog;
2. Also provide a link to your favorite single blog post you've written;
3. It must be a G-rated post - no vulgarities, swearing and such.

That's it!  I'm anxious to see who participates!
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