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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Question of Inspiration....

My Dad: Sam
Constantino in his 20s
The average person cannot survive for more than a few minutes if they're not able to get a new breathe of air into their lungs. Interestingly, the root word for inspiration is the same as " breath..." which suggests a metaphorical death can also occur if inspiration or a visionary breathe is lacking in your larger life.

The focus of this short post is to ask the question, "What individual has positively inspired you the most in your life?"

Such artificially forced choices are difficult to answer since most of us have several inspirational sources. However, the one person who positively inspired me the most has to be my late father - see photo insert.

While I can't remember every playing catch or throwing a football with my dad, I recall hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations during my lifetime that he had with me about topics of faith, family, belief, religion and fatherhood. Those discussions helped shape my core values, which became more refined and focused over the years of constant sharpening with him. For that I'm truly grateful.

This coming weekend, will mark five years since he passed away - it doesn't even seem possible. Despite his death, his inspiration and "breathe" continue to move forward in me, my family, my siblings and their respective families.

So I ask you, "What individual has positively inspired you the most in your life?"

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